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  The Beginning of Taylor Motorcycles....













  Grand Opening Ad, Thursday, September 16, 1965.















 Photo of original Pfaffinger Supply store, the current site of Taylor Motorcycles today at 2140 N Pacific Highway, Woodburn OR


Ad announcing the new location of 'Sports Unlimited'...(original name of Pfaffinger/Taylor merge). Wednesday, August 25th, 1965, in the 'North Willammetteland'.












  Announcement ran Wednesday, September 15, 1965.


 This photo says it all...  Woodburn Independent,  Thursday, August 13th, 1964.



An ad mentioning the family they were also raising while also beginning a successful small business.  Announcement ran Thursday, March 25, 1965.














Adorable pic of the Taylors, Wednesday August 26th, 1964.  Ad ran in the North Willamette News.








 This event is known as a 'Turkey Run'.







Original site 383 N. Pacific Hwy. Woodburn Oregon 1964































HONDA Kick and Go.  1970s